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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Man MIKE!!!!!!

I am supporting Mike Huckabee's presidential campaign. Mike was named one of America's top 5 Governors in 2005 by Time magazine, he governed Arkansas for just over 10 years and was a driving force behind the transformation of Arkansas' economy after the Clinton years.

I encourage you to visit his website to learn more about his campaign. I encourage you to learn about Mike's stands on the issues, to read the latest news about his campaign and to get active on his campaign blog - a great place for people to learn about Mike Huckabee from his supporters!

Paid for by Huckabee for President, Inc.


Josh and Sarah Cox said...

I like him too, but I'm afraid he's fighting a losing battle. He'll make a nice VP though.

Adam said...

I like him too but his economical views are just as socialistic as his predecessor.

David Michael Mann said...

I like him too, but I've already got a Pastor. I need a President.

Anonymous said...

Hate to tell you Chris....Mike H. isn't so cool. First of all my maiden name was Settlemoir, I live in Arkansas, unfortunately, lived under Huckabee's reign (although my brother David Settlemoir, filmed and got to know Huckabee better than I and I think actually likes him) but I mentor in a very poor school and see the effects of Huckabee's (School Diet) LAW! Some law, the children I see in the poor school's don't get enough to eat as it is at home (if any food at all) and now they are faced with not getting enough to eat at school either. So much for Huckabee's diet plan. He says he lost all the weight naturally...hah seemed a little fast for me (more than likely gastric bypass) strange if he did...would mean that the Southern Baptist Preacher lied huh!!!! As you can see I am a little put out by the man...guess it is hard to deal with when you see children in poverty not having enough to eat.

Glad you got found out said...

You'll be happy to knwo that Huckasbee bent over backwards to speak at Trinity Baptist in Jacksonville Florida. Seems he's fond of churches where little boys get molested. Maybe he'll come speak at your church one day.

Now you're going to jail said...

Huckabee is part of the SBC machine that covers up for child molesters. Child molesters like you. Gosh, you gusy always find each other.

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