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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Sometimes I read my Bible, believe it or not. I came across the story of Mephiboseth, the son of Jonathon. I enjoy this story. Mephiboseth was dropped by his nurse as a baby, and became a cripple. Kind David was Jonathons best friend. Several years later Jonathon was dead and King David asked if anyone from the line of Jonathon was still alive. Davids Servant comes and tells Him Mephiboseth is alive but He is a Cryple and useless. David shows his character and lets Mephiboseth come to his house. David tells mephiboseth that because of who his dad was, he would live in the kingdom forever and eat at the Kings table forever.

I learned a few lessons from this story and want to hear your comments.
1. Everyone who saw Mephiboseth, and knew something was wrong with him.
2. David Tells him for his Fathers (Jonathon's) sake He would live in the kingdom.
- Ephesians tells us God forgave us ours sins for Christs Sake.
3. Although we are crippled in our sins, just like Mephiboseth, when we sit at the table with the King, we look just as he does. No one can tell we are crippled.
- When we get to heaven we will be sitting with Jesus and feasting continually at his table.

Just thought i would share that with my few readers, I would like your input so please leave your comments! For now thats my Final Thought!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Jamba Juice

I'm a pretty simple guy. I like simple things. But my fiance and i like a place called Jamba Juice. its a little more complicated than just ordering a soda. Its a place that sells fruit smoothies and adds a boost of energy or vitamins. Its by the mall and we stop by every weekend to get our drinks. She likes Peach Perfection and I like Fit and Fruitful. If you are in the area by Southlake mall, stop by and try a fruit smoothie. Also if you have been there let me know what kind you like. Let me know your favorite so i can try it sometime. Until next post!

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Weekend Is Here!

When you are in the kind of work that I am in or several of you all, you learn to appreciate the value of a weekend. For instance this weekend, my fiance and I are looking at houses, then going to fright fest at Six flags. It will be tons of fun! Then Sunday afternoon football, adds to the value of a weekend. Oh and church!
My final thoughts are simple, value the times you don't have to sit behind a desk at work on Saturdays and be thankful to spend a few more hours with the ones you love.

Have a Great Weekend!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

My First Post! Friendship!

It took me a few days to realize what my first post should be about. Well here it is, My final thoughts on lasting friendships!

I recall when i came to college I met my first roommate Chad. Chad helped me get used to the college life. He also took me out golfing and taught me how to really curse! He also got me my first job at Trugreen, and I still work there. Thanks Chad for helping me get adjusted to college life.

While in College I also met a guy named Bryan. At first I did not like him at all, and still not sure if i do! (just kidding) Bryan and i worked together and have been friends ever since. I was supposed to be in his wedding and that was a honor that he asked, however i couldn't go. Sorry Bryan.

Then a roommate Josh Cox, if any of you know him, that was an experience. I'll never forget the day Josh Surprised Crisman in our room. Anyway, thanks Josh for being a friend through some hard times i had in college.

Last for now is Big AL. Allyn was my boss at Trugreen for a couple years. I first met Allyn playing softball, as he was falling down the first base line shaking his belly( he has lost the belly since then). Allyn is the kind of guy everyone would want as a friend. He really would take time out of his day to help someone. He has always been there for my complaining, and about questions I have had about life. Thanks Al for being there and being super Kewl!

Its really nice to see these guys happy, and see them with their families. Now that I am getting Married I can hope I can be as happy as they are.

Here are my final thoughts: Chad, Bryan, Josh, and Allyn, thanks for taking me on as a friend. You will always have my friendship and if there is anything i can do for you all Just give me a call.
Except: money, or early morning or late night, but between the hours of 12:00pm and 1:00pm I'm all yours!!