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Friday, October 26, 2007

The Weekend Is Here!

When you are in the kind of work that I am in or several of you all, you learn to appreciate the value of a weekend. For instance this weekend, my fiance and I are looking at houses, then going to fright fest at Six flags. It will be tons of fun! Then Sunday afternoon football, adds to the value of a weekend. Oh and church!
My final thoughts are simple, value the times you don't have to sit behind a desk at work on Saturdays and be thankful to spend a few more hours with the ones you love.

Have a Great Weekend!


Josh and Sarah Cox said...

You are so right, man. I love the times to get away from the Mon - Fri routine. I don't care what I do on the long as it's something different. I value that time.

Good luck househunting. Sarah and I are in the process as well.

Bryan said...

Amen and Amen.

Chad said...


Allyn Paul said...

agreed...I love sitting on my arse on the weekends. I deserve it!

BTW--I like the way your blog posts are flowing with the whole "final thoughts" thing. It's very Paul Harvey-like in my opinion. Great concept, stick to it.