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Thursday, November 29, 2007

CNN UTube Debates

Last night I sat down to watch the Republican Debates. First of all let me say, I thought the debate itself was very weak. If I were a Candidate I would have walked off the plaform and said see you later. However a few men stood out to me, I'll give my opinion, Then i would like to hear your opinions. First, Rudy Guliani, Very hesitant about gun control and the second Ammendment. Second, when asked about the Bible, He looked panicked like he never saw a Bible before. Also his view on abortion i could not vote for a man that is not pro-life. Next was Fred Thompson, At first i was For Thompson, but after watching him I am not very impressed with the way he hold himself. however i agree with him on many topics. But last night I think my vote changed over to Mike Huckabee, I liked his views on immigration, Abortion, Bible, and gun control. Also He holds himself in a manner that is very appropriate when being attacked by others. So here are my opinions, i do not claim to be a political expert by any means, but i would like to here your opinions.

And my Final thought is this, Who the Heck is this Ron Paul guy, and lets get rid of him!

Share your opinions please!

Huckabee also reminds me of Ray Young. Josh you'll like that


Josh and Sarah Cox said...
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Chris Settlemoir said...

i'm not sure what i would do. First i would hope guiliani wouldnot win and i hope obama beats out clinton I know wishful thinking!

4loveofacuppa said...

Yup, everyone's saying Huckabee came out on top. Good for him! And for us. He used to be a Baptist minister...go figure! I hope that he can put the tough guy act on enough to convince everyone else... hmmm

Bryan said...

Let's bring back Ross Perot!!!

Josh and Sarah Cox said...
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