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Monday, November 26, 2007

I need your Wisdom!

I had a great thanksgiving, and truly have much to be thankful for. Over the past few days I have had some intense conversations with men i have great respect for, and trust. i have heard many say the Perfect Will Of God, and The Acceptable Will Of God. I think i understand what they mean by that, however, if i could have the perfect will, why would i settle for just acceptable. I am at a valley of descision in my life and to me its crucial not to make the wrong descision. So here is my question, can you explain the Perfect Will compared to the Acceptable, and can we be content knowing we are not doing the Prefect will of God and "settled" for the Acceptable? Please give your opinion, i trust many of my reader friend and their wisdom, Thanks


Allyn Paul said...

I personally believe that the "perfect" will of God is a hindsite view. In other words, it was God's perfect will for me to have the parents I am blessed with. It was NOT God's perfect will for me to stop visiting my bus route on Sundays in order to make more money at my job.

The acceptable will of God is where you are now/presently and is guided by morals, principles and general "right" and "wrong."
Only as time passes, can you look back and know that it was or was not God's perfect will.

Then there's the whole "good" will of GOd. That one falls somewhere in between I believe. In other words, It was good for me to be at work on a Saturday and witness to a co-worker, even though it was not God's perfect will for me to be working that Saturday in the first place. God took something and made it for His good.

Complicated huh?

Chris Settlemoir said...

Ya a little, but can you be content in your life knowing you did not do the perfect will of God

Chad said...

Deep questions Chris.

I wonder how many people can actually say they have alwasy been in the perfect will of God? Even the people we may hold in highest regard at one time or another were most likely out of the perfect will of God.

I think the main thing we can do is be where we're supposed to be doing what we are supposed to be doing. If we do what we know to be God's will at this moment in time, I believe he will open doors and present opportunities that will be or lead to His perfect will.

And lastly, when do we really know what is the difference between the perfect will of God and acceptable? Will we really know any of that before we get to heaven and God can show us these things. We can have peace about what we're doing or where we are and maybe that's what being in God's perfect will is?

Be content in your life doing what God's will for you right now is.

There's my two cents.

Josh and Sarah Cox said...
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beckiwithani said...

wow i had no idea trugreen employed such wisdom in its marketing dept. !!
but i couldnt resist my opinion on this one.
umm.. here goes!
i think that you cant always be in the perfect will of God. the perfect will of God is where you would be if you had never strayed from His will in your entire life. if you had made every perfect decision from day one.. It is what God had planned for you before you were born.
I don't know about you.. or do i? but i havent made every decision quite the way i probably should have. i think that being in acceptable will of God means to be in His "REVISED" will.. in a way. When we make a mistake God changes is plan for us.
example: (men need them sometimes:)
say you were ultimately supposed to go to one school and didnt. say your PERFECT wife God had planned was there .. do you think you would just never get married? or that God would adjust to your poor decision making and still be generous enough to allow you a future with someone else..
you get my point.

Allyn Paul said...

Josh, very wise! Can I attend your SS class and tithe?

Becki--need a job with TG? Can you sell? LOL

beckiwithani said...

sorry allyn.. chad has dibs.
but what you dont want to come to my SS class??!?! :)

Josh and Sarah Cox said...
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Bonds756 said...

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4loveofacuppa said...

hmmm no wisdom, I don't know what the heck is the perfect will of God, but I do just try to make it and be a good person from day to day. Wish I did know gosh! lol If it were that easy!

Sherry Wittig said...

I remember Dr. Hyles saying the importannce of doing the daily "wills" of God vs. "the will of God." One example is some people may be in the will of God by "location" but not doing "what" there're suppose to be doing. He said he would rather be doing what he's suppose to be doing than then "where" he's suppose to be. Also, if everyday you are doing "what" you're suppose to be doing (right) then that is doing the "wills" of God.
I've actually heard both will and wills before. So, good luck. And in the end, it only matters what God thinks about what you're doing, not everybody else. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, we now know it wasn't the "perfect will" of God for you to molest those boys, right?

Anonymous said...

i think in him asking this question he was actually trying to say his will was to be a fuckin asshole.he was always a a division leader.his sermons also were not from the heart.this is what happens when people judge others.its nobodys job to say to kids or teenagers.yur a bad kid.or yur not good enough.this jerk was not a goodrole model.& i wonder how many of the cb boys he did that too,cuz i went there for 8 yrs.& i kno most of them are the closet,you can tell..